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Normandy Battlefields Book Normandy Battlefields Book
Normandy Battlefields Book Normandy Battlefields Book Normandy Battlefields Book

This is the history and guide of the events in the 1944 American Normandy campaign battlefields. 150 battlesites are described accompanied by 40 maps and aerial photos. The chapters are grouped per the operational objectives allowing the reader and/or tourist to comprehend and follow through and visit the action sites per each objective. The battlesites chronicle the background strategy, the story of the battle, pinpoints the location, identifies the American and German units involved, the awards, today's evidence etc. The period covered is from D-day, June 6th, to the closing battles of the Falaise Pocket, August 21st. The Index allows the reader to search for a specific interest, the route of a division, regiment or battalion, atrocities, relics, airfields, cemeteries, museums, etc. The book memorializes the actions of the men and women who died and the veterans who survived this 77 day colossus campaign on these hallowed grounds in a foreign land.

Carlton, publish to benefit successive generations.
General Dwight D. Eisenhower
Detailed and beautifully clear descriptions of battle sites. The prose and photographs are incomparable reminders of how the war unfolded at the combatants level.
Martin Blumenson

Hard Cover with Dust Jacket $36.95 inscribed to recipient from the author, includes Priority Mail. US & APO sales only.

A guide to travelers planning a Normandy trip and a stimulus to those who have not planned to visit our heritage.

Omaha Beach D-Day afternoon
Omaha Beach, D-Day afternoon

Your book is a testimony to the lasting effects of these memorable times.
Tom Brokaw
Once I started your book it was difficult to put down. Future generations will appreciate your work.
Frank Cuff, Chairman Trustee Board, 507th Parachute Infantry Association

Soft Cover Book $26.95 includes Priority Mail. US & APO sales only.

I consider your book a welcome addition to my military library.
Lt. General Bill Yarborough
Clearly the book is a labor of love as shown by the detail and the accuracy of the narratives. I plan to take my family back for a week next year to include the inland battle sites.
Dr. John Burson, Carrollton, GA
I know my trip will be more fulfilling and memorable with your book in hand... The battle sites were incredible. Your book helped unbelievably.
David Livingstone, Simi Valley, CA
Stand Where They Fought was extremely easy to use. The reference points were physically easy to locate. The book is a terrific way to experience first hand the battles that changed the course of history.
Mike Connor, Esq., Savannah, GA


The eBook Features

  • 150 Battlefield histories.and individuals' heroics.
  • 34 aerial photos of the battlefields and 6 wartime maps given the author by General Eisenhower.
  • A driving map identifying each site by chapter number.
  • Included are a series of 1 to 4 day travel itineraries for the length of your visit.
  • 2400 references.
  • Direct email linkage with the author for travel advice and /or specific points of interest.
  • The e-book includes 12 photographs. To further aid you in the use of the book, we recommend you go to the “Virtual Tour Page” on our website and review the additional 34 pictures. Print the desired photos which are marked to correlate with the e-book chapters
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